Project Description

     Dancing in the Moonlight is an AZTLAN New-Works dance-film project that explores the complexity of crossings from the perspective of the U.S. Southwest Frontera imaginary.  Moonlight reveals how tradition and modernity grate against and merge to create unique cultural worldviews.  In Moonlight, travelers engaged in crossings traverse important cultural sites and symbols that are Frontera traditions on-the-move.

     The journey of the travel is as rich as the destination and Moonlight illustrates the forging of realities through negotiations of memory, between-ness, and determination. Artistic Director Roén Salinas notes that “it is in the doing that positions the rich memories that form the points of departure for imagined futures.”  In this episode of Coyote Callings, the omnipresent truth-seers offer the sojourners hope by empowering them with the self-confidence of knowing where they come from in order to carry this knowledge forward into the future.  As a borderland tale – Dancing in the Moonlight advances AZTLAN’s work of contemporary expressive Xicano/Latino dance.

Coyote Callings: Dancing in the Moonlight

An original AZTLAN project